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M&A Due Diligence Case Study

The case study below illustrates how Kreller serves its clients in partnership, joint venture and business merger research investigations.

Due to the covert nature of the industry, client names are proprietary; however, the following case study represents a cross section of international investigations recently conducted on behalf of Kreller clients.

M&A Due Diligence Middle East
Middle East, Gas & Oil

A major oil and gas exporter engaged Kreller to investigate a potential joint venture in the Middle East. Local records and database research, as well as discreet inquiries within the business community, verified proper registration and adequate financial resources.

A court review revealed no criminal or civil records on senior management; however, during the course of reputational inquiries, the investigator noted that a vague insinuation was made regarding one of the company’s managers. Kreller investigators inconspicuously gathered more data, which turned up multiple red flags. Databases could not detect what investigators had – an ongoing money laundering operation within a senior manager’s business.

Consequently all business dealings were halted and the client company’s reputation and stock value were protected.

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What Our Clients Say…

Kreller’s due diligence team has provided outstanding global investigation services for our company for the last five years. Their deep-dive, boots on the ground approach to vetting our third party vendors is critical to the safety and security of our clients’ missions.

- K.S.

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